Sunday, 4 March 2012

Must haves for surviving the newborn period

So your baby has arrived...congratulations! There is nothing quite like the rush of love and protectiveness you feel when you first meet your little one. The thing is, after the initial high from the birth and the postnatal hormones wear off, reality has a nasty habit of catching up with you. As a new mum, you probably feel like a milk machine if you're breast feeding and, even if you're not, your days are filled with the constant cycle of feeds, sleeps and nappy changes. Your nights are desperate snatches of sleep between feeds. And let's face it, the lack of sleep is going to make the best of us teary.

Firstly, breathe, grab a tissue and acknowledge what a great job you're really doing. Secondly, find ways to survive the early days. I'm still IN the early days and still trying to survive but here are the things that are getting me through:UWPX6VC9MESQ
  1. My iPhone. I know, I'm part of -that- generation. I constantly have my phone at my fingertips. But let me tell you, when you're breast feeding at 3am, a mindless game or easy access to facebook is a life saver.
  2. A social life. A social life? I can see the raised eyebrows. Your days are filled with keeping your head above water, how on earth can you have a social life? I am lucky enough to have a dear friend who is able to bring me lunch and come for a gentle stroll when I need company but I am also gradually building myself up to going to one or two mum and baby groups. It's taking a while to get over the fear of trying to fit those things in with the hectic schedule of feeds and sleeps, and equally the fear of baby having a meltdown in public but I'm starting small, with places where I know I can breast feed or change baby. The only way is up!
  3. A good book. For those stolen moments to yourself when baby is sleeping and you're not.
  4. This blog. Truly. Writing about my experiences is really helping.
  5. My breast pump. Having hubby do the late feed is like a little piece of freedom. Love it.
  6. Online grocery shopping. The idea of trying to take baby to a supermarket is truly terrifying on many levels. I know I'll get there eventually but right now, I'm raising a glass to online shopping!
  7. Parenting forums. It's so good to have some other people to discuss issues with, I wouldn't part with them!
I'm pretty sure I'll think of more but these are the first things that spring to mind. Whether you're a closet technology geek like me or not, I hope you find some things to get you through. Pretty soon we'll all be wondering what the fuss was all about. X

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