Friday, 30 March 2012

10 Things I Tell Myself Everyday (meme)

I picked up this meme from Those24LittleHours and it got me thinking. I'm sure I'll think of another ten things I tell myself everyday before I've finished this list but these are the first ones that come to mind.

(image courtesy of Those24LittleHours - thanks!)

  1. Tomorrow will be a little easier than today 
  2. I need to Hoover/clean the bathroom/clean the oven but I'll just do this first 
  3. Someday I will run my own business. I want to do something creative but I'm not good enough at any one thing just yet. 
  4. I'll eat more fruit today 
  5. I need to arrange to visit all those friends I haven't seen for ages. How do you decide which friends first? I always get paralysed by indecision and end up doing nothing :( 
  6. I will tell my husband I love him today (I manage this most days :) ) 
  7. Save up for a rainy day 
  8. I am so lucky to live in a place I love with a husband I love and the most wonderful son. I have a job I enjoy and we live comfortably. For this I am constantly thankful and equally fearful we will lose it. 
  9. I will get an early night tonight 
  10. I need to listen more and talk less


  1. Paralysed by in decision. I know that one!

  2. Great post, I am glad you joined in, I certainly agree with No's 1 & 9. Look forward to reading more of your blog and thanks for your lovely comments. Things have got a lot better, I'd almost forgotten about that post - sunshine makes all the difference x

  3. I recognise the list (apart from 10 which should be on my own list but is not)

    Friends - Be kind to yourself and see the friends who will look after you first. I recommend people who will make you cups of tea and a meal and not outstay their welcome!

    Housework - No one spent their last few hours on the earth wishing they'd cleaned just that bit more often so try to get it off your list!

    1. Lol you're so right! Housework should be banished :)