Sunday, 15 April 2012

iPadding - The Sofa Solution

I have been a little quiet over the last week, so time to get back in the proverbial saddle with a post about my latest project.

The main reason for my absence was that I caught an evil lurgy bug which sent me into survival mode on the sofa for most of last week. In my wallowing, all I had the energy to do was put Mini Me in his sling and stalk Netflix for feel-good films on the iPad. Unfortunately I discovered that holding the iPad while baby wearing and nursing a cup of tea isn't particularly easy or safe. So I made some iPadding, a funky (if I do say so myself) lil iPad bean bag accessory which can hold the iPad at different angles whilst it rests on my lap.

Here is a pic of my iPadding in action. A cottage industry :)


  1. Looks good - have you patented it yet!

  2. I love this, what a great idea!