Wednesday, 4 April 2012

10 Things To Do With A Newborn On A Rainy Day

Since Josh arrived we've been doing a LOT of walking. I'll either put him in the sling and go for a wander in the woods or I'll get the pram out and we'll go into Oundle, even if I don't really need anything. So today when the rain set in for the first time in ages, I've been figuring out how to amuse myself when walking isn't really an option.

  1. Get some exercise inside - Sling em up and toddle around the house getting some boring jobs done, take a walk on a treadmill or just stick some tunes on and amuse bub by doing some mummy dancing! 
  2. Embrace the sofa. And Netflix. And gallons of tea (ok, and cake since you asked so nicely) 
  3. Phone a friend and meet up for a good ol' chinwag 
  4. Take up residence in a cafe with bub and a newspaper 
  5. Take a class. There's normally something on every day so get out there! 
  6. Go swimming - if you can't beat em, join em. 
  7. Make a baby carrier. While bub has a kick about on the playmat, get out those scraps of fabric and look up a design you like online. Most are simple to do and you can save a fortune on a shop-bought one 
  8. Take up card making - stock up for all the birthdays and anniversaries and save some pennies while you're at it 
  9. Read a good book. When bub is a bit bigger and awake more you may not have time! 
  10. Keep your baby record up to date - update the record book, take some photos of bub and do one of those cool hand/feet imprint kits

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