Saturday, 23 June 2012

I don't know where he gets it

For a number of reasons, namely bounciness (possibly alcohol induced) and an obsession with Winnie the Pooh, I earned the nickname ElliTigg at University. There are unconfirmed reports of a link between that and my tablet accessories business...

Anyway, with such a gene pool to draw from, you can imagine my parental disappointment when I introduced my son to the door bouncer.

That's right, mummy, I prefer the pattern on the rug to your door bouncer toy. Must take after daddy.


  1. So cute and funny! I'm sure he'll discover his bounce in time. : )

  2. Toby still doesn't think much of the doorway bouncer. He likes it for a while as it means he can see into Daddy's study but that seems to be the only attraction - he's not up for bouncing. He has a sit in bouncer which he is often not bothered about but after a week away he was bouncing up and down like a mad thing when we got back!!