Saturday, 2 June 2012

Embracing Change

Little Monster has been going through a 'phase' for the last few days. I'm going to use the word phase in the belief that this is a time-limited affair and that, like all things children, this too shall pass. (Anyway, I refuse to believe that any child can be cranky and fussy forever...can they?). 
This particular phase is known as I-used-to-think-I-was-indecisive-but-now-I'm-not-sure: If you put me down, I scream. If you hold me, I scream. Sitting still is for sissys but I only want to move around if I can do it by myself. Yes I like that toy but no I don't want to play with it. And really, mum, that song you sing that used to make me giggle? That's so 5 minutes ago.

There's an interesting book called The Wonder Weeks which philosophises that babies go through 10 major mental leaps which are akin to the body's growth spurts. During these periods, which seem to occur at predictable weeks for the majority of babies, significant changes occur in the child's understanding and perception of the world. The theory goes that these changes are so significant that they can be quite bewildering for bub, leading to a period where little angel becomes Little Monster. Since there are a thousand and one theories and books on baby development, it seems sensible to read widely, take everything with a small pinch of salt and to remember that, ultimately, all monsters are different. Having said that, The Wonder Weeks suggests that one such fussy period is Week 15 which happens to be where Little Monster is so perhaps there's something in it...?

My theory is that Little Monster will be so sick of the 50,000th rendition of She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain that he'll give up fussing for a more peaceful life. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I'll look forward to the new tricks he'll be learning on the other side.

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  1. It's sometimes just as if someone flicks a switch in their head one day...

    After a daily bottle for two or three months one day 'bottle strike' struck. I didn't have to have that battle we're doing cups now instead. I still don't know if he'd now take a bottle!

    After that came bath/water/swim strike so sponge baths became order of the day. Thankfully only for 2-3 months - a change of opinion coincided with the weather hotting up so swimming is back as an option - hurrah