Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nature's Play Gym

Ah, how much better life looks when it's 25 degrees and sunny outside. I mean, this is what maternity leave was made for surely? Balmy summer days, relaxing with a glass of vino over a late lunch with the other yummy mummies while our perfect children play nicely together, their happy laughter a wonderful backdrop to a mellow summer's day. Look, can you see little Johnny and little Rosie sharing toys?

Alright, alright, perhaps mummy meet-ups are a little more milk and cookies than wine and olives. And we can probably trade the happy laughter for sporadic screaming. But still, sun does make everything better.

Today it made things better by allowing Little Monster and I to walk to baby massage. And to take a detour via the ice cream shop on the way home. The sunshine made all the baby massage mums optimistic that we're not really in for a wash-out summer and we organised a weekly walking group. When we got home, Little Monster and I lay on a rug in the garden and the sun and breeze turned the trees into a play gym that money can't buy. The sun made things better by allowing Little Monster to trade his vest and babygro for a little romper suit so that he could feel his toes curling into the grass for the first time.

Of course the cat decided to join our party, but that's ok. It's sunny, I was feeling generous.

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